Beitrag zum ersten Tag der Lehre und des Lernens an der Uni Stuttgart am 30.06.2021

23. Juni 2021 / Meike Tilebein

Using archetypes and the Covid 19 pandemic context to teach systems thinking in a digital engineering master's course. Parallel track presentation at the University of Stuttgart’s Day of Teaching and Learning.

Systems Thinking can help to solve complex problems in different domains including engineering. This presentation covers a digital seminar course to teach Systems Thinking based on qualitative models. System Archetypes are used as conceptual models and the Covid-19 pandemic as problem context. We present the underlying design considerations with a focus on student motivation and findings from running the course in a fully digital format. The presentation is in English.

30th June 2021: Day of Teaching and Learning at the University of Stuttgart: "How digital is good teaching?"

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